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== Timeline/Summry == == Timeline/Summry ==
''(taken from [http://www.hurtstoheal.com/commune/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=69 here] and altered slightly).'' ''(taken from [http://www.hurtstoheal.com/commune/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=69 here] and altered slightly).''

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[edit] Timeline/Summry

(taken from here and altered slightly).

Several individuals received an unsolicited email with a code which, once decoded, pointed to "hurtstoheal.com". At the time, the site consisted of the splash page which, once clicked, brought up a registration form inviting interested persons to submit their name, email address, location, and wireless number and carrier.
Several of the earliest registered members began receiving text messages that suggested a "doctor" was carrying out some strange experiment that would help determine to what lengths total strangers would go to save an innocent person's life. They also received messages that directed them to an unlinked page on hurtstoheal.com that revealed a "gallery" of sorts, in which the unknown photographer appears to be stalking the female subject. Additionally, the photos are paired with text from the Grimm's tale, The Nail.

[edit] April 25

  • Location shown in photographs identified as Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. This virtual tour of the Blue Elephant Pub in Simcoe matches with the location shown in Image 11); Saint Cad confirmed, via a phone call with an employee, that Eli's Guns in Simcoe does in fact have an "AT" on their door (as shown in Image 4).
  • Shortly thereafter, we were notified of the existence of this messageboard, along with the Doc's "task" of recruiting as many people to the experiment as we can.
  • At this point, the woman in question has not been located, contacted, or even identified. The Doc did confirm that the photos were taken sometime in the middle of April 2008. It is not clear how the experiment will proceed, though we are to believe that the Doctor can and will end the experiment and, we are led to believe, the woman's life if we do not carry out the task(s).
  • Oh, and unless you are interested in flame wars, stay away from pages 10-20 in the Lounge.

[edit] April 26

  • New video [removed] posted on the main page. Location believed to be the Oxford Pub in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

[edit] April 27

  • Task 1 apparently solved, without any elaboration from The Doc. All other posts from the Doc deleted.
  • New photo on main page. Camouflaged text suggests significantly more activity beginning Monday, 4/28/08. Reference to BEX, believed to be woman's name (short form of Rebecca), initials, or codename, as well as a Twitter account (not yet located/identified).

[edit] April 28

  • BEX's Twitter Page has been found, her username is Chambermaid. [1]
  • Her account was found by searching accounts by email address. The address hurtstoheal@gmail.com is connected to the account.
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