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May 3rd Scavenger Hunt

Eyedentify.jpg - Step 1?

A1 Sigmund Freud Alice Cooper Pop John Paul II John F. Kennedy Charles Darwin Malcolm X Ted Bundy
Great wall of china Loch Ness Cuba Egypt/Sphinx
Macchu Pichu C2 Stonehenge Bay of Fundy
Pamela Anderson Dr Ruth Elvira Mother Theresa Anne Frank JKI Rowling Rosa Parks Karla Homolka

Pairs Connection
-- (first and fourth rows)
A1 Pamela Anderson  ?
Sigmund Freud Dr. Ruth Psychiatrists
Alice Cooper Elvira "Goth" pop icons
Pope John Paul II Mother Theresa Religious icons
JFK Anne Frank Died before their time
Charles Darwin JK Rowling Authors
Malcolm X Rosa Parks Civil rights activists
Ted Bundy Karla Homolka Criminals
-- (second and third rows)
Great Wall of China Macchu Pichu Ancient architecture
Loch Ness C2  ?
Cuba Stonehenge  ?
Sphinx Bay of Fundy Geological wonders
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