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Line 6: Line 6:
{|width="500" align="center" border="1" {|width="500" align="center" border="1"
|-align="center" |-align="center"
-|A3+|width="12%"|Alice Cooper
-|A4+|width="13%"|Pop John Paul II
-!John F. Kennedy+!width="12%"|John F. Kennedy
-!Charles Darwin+!width="13%"|Charles Darwin
-|A7+|width="12%"|Malcolm X
-!Ted Bundy+!width="13%"|Ted Bundy
|-align="center" |-align="center"
!colspan="2"|Great wall of china !colspan="2"|Great wall of china
Line 20: Line 20:
!colspan="2"|Egypt/Sphinx !colspan="2"|Egypt/Sphinx
|-align="center" |-align="center"
-|colspan="2"|C1+|colspan="2"|Macchu Pichu
|colspan="2"|C2 |colspan="2"|C2
!colspan="2"|Stonehenge !colspan="2"|Stonehenge
-|colspan="2"|C4+|colspan="2"|Bay of Fundy
|-align="center" |-align="center"
!Pamela Anderson !Pamela Anderson

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May 3rd Scavenger Hunt


A1 A2 Alice Cooper Pop John Paul II John F. Kennedy Charles Darwin Malcolm X Ted Bundy
Great wall of china Loch Ness Bermuda Egypt/Sphinx
Macchu Pichu C2 Stonehenge Bay of Fundy
Pamela Anderson Dr Ruth Elvira Mother Theresa Anne Frank JKI Rowling Rosa Parks Karla Homolka
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