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This is the introduction we received from DOC about BEX:

BEX is a lovely young lady in her twenties. Grown up in Boston, she graduated high school and college in New York and also has lived in California. She's an all-American girl with a very impressive record of virtues.

Three years ago BEX lost her sister Steph (one of two) to Leukemia. It was a long, miserable experience. Poor BEX.

BEX's other sister Jaclyn is an Obstetrician and sees BEX as a girl with her head in the clouds. You could say she's a chip off the old block - their old man was apparently quite the "realist".

Both of BEX's parents passed away in a house fire nearly a decade ago. Faulty wiring, apparently. Some folks thought maybe mommy had had enough realism, though, and torched daddy in his sleep.

BEX's grandmother on mommy's side reared the girls through the last stages of their teenage years. Sadly, Granny has also gone on to greener pastures. A little too much love of the bottle. Poor dear.

But don't feel bad, BEX is resilient and focussed on being a self-made woman. In fact she hasn't managed any successful relationships yet, possibly because she beats the joy of loving her with the blunt edge of a narrow-sighted work-ethic.

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